Which Linux Distribution Should I Use?

Which Linux Distribution Should I Use
Choosing a Linux distribution can be a daunting task. According to the website distrowatch.com , there are some 814 Linux distros out there. This alone can discouraged a new comer to the Linux world. Fortunately there’s experienced people like myself that can ease your chase to which Linux distribution to use.

Everything comes down to two main elements:

  • experience
  • taste


If you are new to Linux operating systems, you might want to choose a distribution that is more user friendly, similar to a Windows operating system. That is less command line entries and more of a GUI (graphical user interface) style. Here’s a list of more friendly Linux distros that I recommend:


Choosing a Linux distribution between the four mentioned above, can be a matter of taste, and taste is not disputable! One may look for the right color, the placement of task bar, look of icons and so on. So to be honest, when it comes to taste, you are on your own … (*_*)

More Advanced Linux User

If you are a more advanced Linux user, I would recommend a Linux distribution more on stability and freedom. Of course this calls for more work and more command lines entries, but at the end, you have a stable and exactly what you had in mind for your operating system. I will cover more on the subject in further articles. Here are some of the more advanced distros I recommend:

So now you have it …

My day to day Linux distribution is Gentoo with XFCE as a GUI. I have been using Gentoo for approximately three years. My main focus for the next couple of months, will be on installing and configuring Gentoo for advanced users. In the meantime, if you have a request on a distro you would like me to review, I will surely look into it.

Best Linux operating system according to Rob!

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