How To Install Gentoo - Part 1 - Make Bootable USB From ISO

create bootable usb from iso

In this tutorial we will download the appropriate ISO boot media and make a boot disk for Gentoo from a USB stick.

But before we get to that, we need to get familiar with the Gentoo manual which will be our guide through the installation. So type in your favorite web browser; This will open up the main page of Gentoo website and from there you can download the Gentoo ISO. From the top right corner of the Gentoo main page, you will find two tabs, click on the “Get Gentoo” tab.

Gentoo get started guide

Now from that page, download the appropriate boot media for your computer. The right hand side (X86) are downloads for computers with 32 bit and on the left side are for 64 bit. Either your computer is a 32 or 64 bit, use the “Minimal Installation CD” ISO.

Choose your Gentoo download for a 32 or 64 bits

Once downloaded, you will have to create a boot up disk using a USB drive. My favorite Boot Disk Creator is DD Command, but I figured that no one as Gentoo installed for now, so I will use a common Boot Disk Creator, usb-imagewriter for Mint Linux.

Again there are many you can choose from, here’s a list of some you may want to check out:
So for my computer, I’ve downloaded the “Minimal Installation Cd” Amd 64 for Gentoo. You want to download the one appropriate for yours. From the USB-Imagewriter software for Mint Linux, I choose the minimal installation cd ISO that I’ve just downloaded, and point it to the USB stick that I’ve just inserted.

Image Writer is an application to create bootable usb from iso

Click “Write” and let the software do the work for you (*_-). From that point, you have a Gentoo Bootable Disk ready to use.

Note: Take note that after you have created your Bootable USB Drive, you will not see it in your file manager. The reason is to protect your Bootable Disk from deleting or adding stuff to it. Don’t worry if you need it later after you have installed Gentoo, you can re-format you USB stick to a usable drive.

In the next article, I will show you how to boot from the USB bootable disk you have just created.

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