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Good day everyone!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my main Linux operating system that I use in a daily basis is Gentoo. For many, Gentoo Linux is too complicated to even think of installing it. But in the next few weeks, I will be releasing some articles and videos on how to install Gentoo Linux. It will be a series of short articles and videos showing you from start to finish the installation.

To help you with an easy installation, I will create a step by step procedure and if you follow along you should not have any problems to get a Gentoo Linux operating system running smoothly.

Graphical User Interface Examples

Gentoo is basically a base system, that starts the hardware and not a GUI (graphical user interface) also called desktop environment. So when Gentoo is installed, the only thing you get is a command prompt screen. So in order to have a GUI system, you will need to install the GUI of your choice. I will be installing the XFCE Gui system on mine.

Back when I first started with Gentoo, my favorite Gui was KDE. I really enjoyed KDE until I installed XFCE. KDE as more to offer but also uses more resources to run compared to XFCE, where the system is lighter and more snappy when opening programs.

Note: At this point if I have lost you, do not give up, I will be explaining more on the GUI choices you can make and will explain them in detail. 

You can find even more GUI than the list above, but for now I think these are the most common ones. Get familiar with them, and when time comes to install one, you will already have your choice made.

So what do you need to install Gentoo?

The first two things you need to install Gentoo, is time and patience. (*_*)
It takes time to install Gentoo but at the end comes a satisfaction of accomplishment that many cannot attain. You also need patience because you will need to read more than usual to solve problems that may occur.

 Adding to the list of things you need when installing Gentoo, would be an extra device such as a laptop or a tablet, so you can follow along with the manual. You can also use the device to follow the videos I will be creating for you. It is also nice to have another device so you can still go on the Internet to check out your emails and so on, while Gentoo takes a couple of days to install. You will need a lot of Internet bandwidth because you will be downloading and compiling for a couple of days. Actually, if you don’t have much Internet bandwidth, you can install a part of it, and leave it till next month. You know, when it is installed on your machine, it will be your operating system for ever … trust me, after installing Gentoo, you will get addicted to it!

So see you in the next article for the Gentoo Installation Guide.

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